Tips & Tricks

Hot TIPS & TRICKS to nail your perfect plate.

So you searched for your perfect plate combination only to find that it was snapped up by 1ST IN years ago. Don’t despair friends, let’s put our heads together and get creative. Think ‘text speak’ for GR8 ways to say it in 6 characters or less and think outside the box!

1. Substitute numbers for letters.

Try these awesome subs:

  • Swap O with Zero or a Q
  • Swap I for 1 or L
  • Swap A for 4
  • Swap S for 5 or Z
  • Swap E for 3
  • Swap B for 8
  • Swap G for 6
  • Swap T for 7

 2.  Rethink your combination. 

Plates are made for memories, moments and every-day milestones. There are literally millions of combinations for you to choose from. Here's some ideas:

  • Your name, initials or nickname
  • Your lucky number, birthday or anniversary
  • Your favourite sporting team or hobby
  • Your car 
  • A loved one
  • Cheeky combination 



Tongue in cheek phrases can be harmless to some, however, we think it’s best to keep it appropriate to avoid offending other road users. KiwiPlates and the New Zealand Transport Authority have guidelines to follow when approving certain plate combinations and anything considered unsociable, confusing or offensive won’t be allowed.

This includes:

  • Plates that are offensive, derogatory, obscene or profane
  • Plates that promote violence,
  • Plates that discriminate or are bias 
  • Plates that contain a sequence of similar numbers and letters designed to confuse, or which cannot be easily identified. This includes arrangements of letters and numbers that can be inverted to make an entirely new combination.
    • Letters that cause confusions include H,W,M,N,S,X,I,O,Z. Numbers that confuse are 0,6,8,9. A combination that contains only these letter or numbers, may be rejected. 

KiwiPlates reserves the right to reject submitted plate orders deemed unacceptable.

We’re not totally humourless. If you have something fun and cheeky in mind but you're unsure if it's 'appropriate', give us a call on 0800 650 111 and we can have a chat. 


Still stuck in a gridlock? Give us a call on 0800 650 111, our creatives would love to help.