Proudly Supporting Road Safety

By purchasing a personalised plate, you are helping to support road safety in New Zealand. A portion of the profits from the sale of personalised plates provides the sole funding for the NZTA Community Road Safety Fund. The Community Road Safety Fund works with other organisations to support community-based road safety initiatives. The Fund contributes to a safer road system by working in partnership with others, to support value-for-money, high impact community projects which might not otherwise occur. Some of the Community Road Safety Fund’s current projects are highlighted below.

Students Against Dangerous Driving

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that more young people will be supported to gain their restricted licence, through a new scheme backed by the New Zealand Transport Agency and Ministry of Social Development.

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Students Against Dangerous Driving

The New Zealand Transport Agency is the principal funder of SADD, which is an entirely student led initiative throughout secondary schools nationwide. SADD seeks to address the culture around dangerous driving by educating and empowering each new generation of young people to make healthier, safer and better choices.

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Safer Journeys for Schools

As each school faces a unique road safety environment based on their location, the Safer Journeys for Schools – Guidelines for School Communities was developed to support parents, school staff, boards of trustees and students to improve road safety in their local community.

A technical guide for road controlling authorities and consultant engineers was also developed so that they can understand, prioritise and address road safety at both urban and rural schools.

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Community Driver Mentor Programme

The Transport Agency and the AA developed the Community Driver Mentor and Learner Programme (CDMP) to address some of the barriers young people face when trying to get their restricted drivers licence, such as access to a safe car and petrol, or an appropriate mentor to give them the driving practice they need.

‘After being a mentor, i can unequivocally say that it makes a difference. The driver becomes better informed and better skilled on the road.
We are making safer drivers’
Denys, mentor

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