Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a plate (10)

The combination I want is taken or not available. What do I do?

So you searched for your perfect plate combination only to find that CHOICE was snapped up by 1ST IN years ago, or your combination wasn't acceptable because it's considered unsociable. 

Don’t despair friends, let’s put our heads together and get creative. Think ‘text speak’ for GR8 ways to say it in 6 characters or less and think outside the box! Visit our Combination Finder page for:

1. Tips on great combinations choices.
2. Guidelines KiwiPlates need to follow when approving certain plate combinations.

Or give us a call on 0800 650 111, our creatives would love to help.

I'm saving for a new car. Can I buy personalised number plates now?

No vehicle right now? No worries! You don't need one to secure your favourite combination and purchase your personalised number plates. The manufacturer won't make them until you’re ready to attach them to a NZ licensed and registered vehicle within five days of receiving them.

How many letters will fit on a personalised number plate?

Cruising in your standard four-wheel variety (car or truck)? CHO1C3! Your combo can have up to 6 characters or less. For motorcycles, trailers or tractors, you’re looking for an AW5ME combo that’s 5 characters or less. 

Can I include spaces as part of my plate combination?

Sure! We just need to stick within the maximum limit for your vehicle type. That’s 6 characters for cars and trucks and 5 for motorcycles, trailers and tractors. Count a space as 1 whole character OR you can divide them into half or quarter spaces. Looking for more space economy? You drive a hard bargain! For every ‘I’ or ‘1’ you use in your combination, we’ll give you an extra half space to play with.

What payment types are accepted?

We want your story on the streets as fast as possible and are working on a range of payment options. For the time being, you can purchase with: 

  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex - online or over the phone. KiwiPlates apply a non-refundable 1.9% (incl. GST) surcharge to payments using a card, which is in line with our cost of acceptance.
  • To avoid the surcharge, you can take advantage of the popular Account2Account solution from Payment Express NZ, which allows you to make a purchase without using a card. When you pay with A2A, you use the security of your online banking to make a payment to KiwiPlates. A2A is available to customers of ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank, TSB and Westpac registered for online banking. Not available for business accounts. Click here for more details.

Are there other fees associated with plates?

GST, first-time manufacture, delivery and registration charges are all included in the initial plate price. No nasty surprises here! Click here to check out our Plate Designs.

KiwiPlates apply a non-refundable 1.9% (incl. GST) surcharge to payments using a Visa, MasterCard or Amex, which is in line with our cost of acceptance. To avoid the surcharge, you can take advantage of the popular Account2Account solution from Payment Express NZ

Why was my combination not allowed?

KiwiPlates reserves the right to reject submitted plate orders deemed unacceptable or inappropriate. Tongue in cheek phrases can be harmless to some, however, we think it’s best to keep it appropriate to avoid offending other road users. KiwiPlates and the New Zealand Transport Agency have guidelines to follow when approving certain plate combinations and anything considered unsociable, confusing or offensive won’t be allowed.

This includes:

  • Plates that are offensive, derogatory, obscene or profane
  • Plates that promote violence,
  • Plates that discriminate or are bias 
  • Plates that contain a sequence of similar numbers and letters designed to confuse, or which cannot be easily identified. This includes arrangements of letters and numbers that can be inverted to make an entirely new combination. 

We’re not totally humourless. If you have something fun and cheeky in mind but you're unsure if it's 'appropriate', give us a call on 0800 650 111 and we can have a chat. 

How do I buy a plate as a gift?

It’s just like making a normal purchase, you just need to let us know it’s a gift. We list you as the ‘Applicant’ and the lucky recipient as the ‘Owner’, who then has the ‘Right to Receive'. This is fancy talk to ensure we get the right plates to the right person.

Missed the mark with the design or combination? Don't worry! They have 30 calendar days to change/alter their new plates as long as manufacture hasn’t been requested yet.

IMPORTANT: For plates purchased as a gift, manufacture must be requested by the registered vehicle and plate owner.

I am selling my car, can I keep my current government issue plates?

You sure can!
Once you personalise your government issue plates, they become yours for life. Just make sure to do so at least a week before selling your car. These Government Issue plates can’t be removed from your vehicle until 1 week after you have received your confirmation GST receipt from us or you have received the new plates (whichever occurs first).

Can I cancel or change my mind?

Any changes can be requested within 30 days of your order as long as manufacture hasn't been requested. This only applies to orders that have been paid in full. If you are unsure about your design, selecting "manufacture later" on your next step could be a good idea. Orders submitted and processed for manufacture are final and non-refundable (except as required under the Consumer Guarantees Act).

But don't worry - we know your style and preferences change with time! Once you have a personalised plate you can later change its design anytime from only $149.

Own a plate? (8)

Can I edit the message that I currently have on my message plates?

Of course. Happy to help! We can easily make changes to your message or remove it altogether. You can redesign your plates online or call us on 0800 650 111.

I want to transfer my personalised number plates onto a different vehicle.

Changing up your wheels? No problems. Call into any AA office or Vehicle Testing NZ station and they’ll guide you through the whole process. It’s pretty simple, just a form involved and a small standard fee for the transfer.

I have a personalised number plate, can I put it on a different type of vehicle?

Want to swap things up? We’re here to help. Aim of the game is to make sure we don’t exceed the maximum number of characters on your plate combination for the type of vehicle you want to place it on. Remember 5 characters for trailers and motorcycles and 6 for cars. Also keep in mind some plate styles are unavailable for some types of vehicles. The great news is this can all be done directly through The Government Plate Manufacturer. Give them a call on 0800 736 253 (0800 REMAKE). A small manufacture fee will apply.

Can I keep my plates when I sell my car?

Sure can. Before you sell, you’ll need to re-register your wheels to a set of standard government plates. Simply call into any AA office or Vehicle Testing NZ station and they’ll guide you through the whole process and good luck on the sale!

Can I attach my plates to a vehicle that's not in my name?

Hmmm, sorry folks, we’re bound by law on this one. You need to transfer the entitlement of your plate into their name, because a personalised number plate and the vehicle they're going on both need to be registered to the same person.

If you want to do this, complete a Transfer of Entitlement Form and send it to the Government Plate Manufacturer directly so they can update their records. Remember, this also transfers the entitlement of the "Right to Receive" to the new name. The new owner will not be able to get the plates manufactured unless this form is lodged correctly.

Government Plate Manufacturer (LicenSys NZ Ltd.)
PO Box 22078

How can I find out if an old plate is still in my name?

Easily! The Government Plate Manufacturer (LicenSys NZ Ltd.) holds and maintains the current register of entitlements to every personalised number plate sold. It will most likely still be under your name unless you have privately sold your plate. Contact LicenSys directly on 0800 REMAKE (0800 736 253) to put your mind at ease.

What can I do about my plates if they're lost/stolen/damaged?

Stay calm, plate mates! You can get a shiny new set of plates back on your bumper bar in no time.

Give the Government Plate Manufacturer a call directly on 0800 736 253 (0800 REMAKE) or click through to their website form using the link below:


They’ll organise to have your plates remade and delivered within 15 working days. They will charge a small remake fee for their efforts.

Can I change my style and keep my current combination?

Feel like a change? There’s a whole range of different styles and designs to choose from because we know your plates should reflect who you are, right now. We evolve with you! Give your car a fresh new look today by redesigning your Government Issue or personalised plate today!

Buying or Selling existing plates (6)

I want to sell my old plates. Can you help?

We plan to feature a marketplace on our website in the near future so stay tuned.  Alternatively, sellers also like to advertise with a local or national website like Trade Me and with publications such as the Trade and Exchange.

Found a buyer? Great. Now both of you need to complete a Transfer of Entitlement Form and send it to the Government Plate Manufacturer for their records. This transfers the Entitlement of the "Right to Receive" the plate over to the new owner's name. Please note, plates can’t be manufactured unless this form is lodged correctly.

Government Plate Manufacturer (LicenSys NZ Ltd.)
PO Box 22078

How much is my plate worth?

Personalised number plates are just that; made to celebrate what matters to you! Different plates appeal to different people in different ways. Here are some things to keep in mind when pricing up your plate:

  • Generic plates that appeal to a wide range of people tend to fetch more than plates that reflect a very personal message or interest.
  • Correct spelling rather than substitutions (ie using 1 for and I) can increase value.
  • A highly desired word, name or phrase will attract a higher price.

Check out plate marketplaces to see what other private sellers are asking but remember these prices reflect the value views of the individual plate owners. We think ALL personalised number plates are priceless! 

I need to change the registered owner name for my plates.

No problem! You and the new plate owner will just need to complete a Transfer of Entitlement Form and send a copy to the Government Plate Manufacturer so they can update their records:

Government Plate Manufacturer (LicenSys NZ Ltd.)
PO Box 22078

What do I need to know about buying from a private seller?
  1. Check the Entitlement to the personalised plates you want to buy is under the Seller's name with the Government Plate Manufacturer (LicenSys NZ Ltd.) on 0800 REMAKE. They can only provide a YES or NO answer due to privacy reasons.
  2. Once you agree on the sale details, you and the Seller must complete a Transfer of Entitlement Form. The Seller must hold the current Entitlement to the plates to do this. Make sure you retain a copy of the completed form for your records.
  3. Send a copy of the completed form to:
    Plate Entitlement Transfer LicenSys NZ Ltd PO Box 22078 Otahuhu Auckland 1640
  4. Ring 0800 REMAKE to organise manufacture of your plates (a manufacturing fee for the new plates will apply).
How can I check the current ownership of a plate before I buy it?

We’re glad you asked! It’s important to get this done. Simply contact LicenSys NZ Ltd. (The Government Plate Manufacturer) to verify the Seller holds the current Entitlement. You can call them on 0800 REMAKE and make sure you have the combination and the Seller’s name ready. Due to privacy reasons, they can only confirm with a YES or NO answer.

I need to transfer a personalised number plate registration into my name.

Make sure you and the previous owner complete the Transfer of Entitlement Form and send it to the Government Plate Manufacturer, to update their records. Your plates can’t be manufactured until they’re in your name.

Plate Entitlement Transfer
LicenSys NZ Ltd
PO Box 22078
Auckland 1640

Click here to download the Transfer Form right now

Purchased. What next? (8)

How can I get my plates manufactured?

Congrats and welcome to the KiwiPlates family!

Our friends down at The Government Plate Manufacturer make all license plates for NZ including your new personalised number plates. They require new plates be attached to your vehicle within 5 days of receiving them. This means you can secure your combination, plate design and purchase anytime you want but you must be ready to go with your vehicle before you give these guys the green light to make them.

We take care of all the plate manufacturing & transaction fees as long as you request your plates to be made within 90 calendar days of final payment. Outside of this you be charged applicable manufacturing fees.

Ready to go? Awesome. Just select "manufacture now" when checking out.

Not ready? No worries. You can still purchase your plates and secure your perfect combination, just select "manufacture later" when checking out.
Once ready, call 0800 736 253 (0800 REMAKE) or click through to their website forms using one of the links below. They’ll organise your plates and deliver them to your door. Hey, send us a pic once you attach. We love to see and celebrate brand new plates with you!

First-time Manufacture

Remake Request

How long will it take for my plates to be manufactured?

We’re all about great customer service and getting those plates in your hands as quickly as possible! As soon your details and payment have cleared and the Government Plate Manufacturer gets the green light to make them, you’re looking at a pretty fast turnaround. You will receive your plates in up to 15 working days.  

Is there anything I need to do with my old plates?

Pop your old plates in the postage bag your new plates arrived in, remove the address label to reveal the new address and send those old standard plates packing! Good riddance we say!

Will I get a new registration label with my new plates?

You sure will, all neatly enclosed with your new personalised number plates! Don’t forget to put those plates and the new rego sticker on your car within 5 working days.

I've purchased plates but haven't received them. Where are they?

If you haven't selected "manufacture now" when placing your order, you need to contact the Government Plate Manufacturer directly to let them know you’re ready to have them made. They require new plates be attached to a vehicle that is registered and licensed in New Zealand within 5 days, so confirmation must come from you.  

Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process! All you have to do is give them a call on 0800 736 253 (0800 REMAKE) or click through to their website form using one of the links below. They’ll organise your plates and pop them in the post in no time.

First-time Manufacture

Remake Request

If you’ve already requested your plates to be manufactured and have not received them after 15 working days from the date of request, we suggest you follow them up by contacting the Government Plate Manufacturer again on 0800 736 253 (0800 REMAKE).

PLEASE NOTE: KiwiPlates pay the plate manufacturing & transaction fees for you as long as you request your plates to be made within 90 calendar days of your payment completion.

How do I cancel my order?

We’d hate to lose a new family member and we just know you’re going to love your plates so let us know if there’s anything we can do to change your mind. You can head over to our Terms of Sale for all the info you need on this one.

How do I change my order after I've purchased?

You can request to change your Plate Design within 30 days of purchasing provided you haven’t already made a Request To Manufacture with the Plate Manufacturer Licensys. A design fee may apply. Unfortunately the combination cannot be changed, so please choose carefully.

I’ve gifted someone a plate. How can they have the plates made?

Once you have gifted the plates to the lucky recipient, they can call or email the government manufacturer Licensys to request their plates to be made.

Missed the mark with the design or combination? Don't worry! They have 30 calendar days to change/alter their new plates as long as manufacture hasn’t been requested yet.

Manufacture can be requested by the owner at any time for free within 90 days of the purchase date*.

Please remember:

  • The vehicle must be fully registered to the plate owner.
  • The manufacturer will deliver the plates in 7 to 15 working days after request.
  • The plates must be attached to the car within 5 days of receiving them.

* Additional fees apply if requested after 90 days.

Gift Vouchers (5)

How does a gift voucher get redeemed?

Easy! Use a gift voucher as a payment method when ordering a set of plates over the phone, on 0800 650 111. Unfortunately at this time, online orders cannot be paid via gift voucher.

How are gift vouchers sent?

Once purchased, the Gift Voucher will be sent to the purchaser’s nominated email address and will look like this







The purchaser can then forward the voucher to the recipient.

What happens if the voucher isn’t used in time?

Gift vouchers are valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. If the voucher is not redeemed in this time frame, the voucher will be forfeited and any money still on the voucher will not be refunded or credited.

What if the recipient has trouble deciding on a design?

KiwiPlates are made for what matters and we know that what matters in life may change! A gift voucher can be put towards any KiwiPlates purchase. Once a gift voucher is redeemed, the personalised number plate combination is theirs forever, and they can also update the design giving them a fresh new look at any time.

Who is RoboVoucher?

RoboVoucher is a fully secure partner website who assists KiwiPlates in providing quality, easy to use gift vouchers to give a gift that matters!

Want to speak with us? (2)

Looking for us?

We are located at: Unit 16, Level 2, 125 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland NZ 1010

Our postal address is: PO Box 37213, Parnell, Auckland NZ 10051

Phone: 0800 650 111, From overseas: +64 9 929 1931 Email: hello@kiwiplates.nz

Got a problem? Let us know.

At KiwiPlates, Customer Service is everything. We’re not just in the business of creating great plates; we’re creating a community, an experience and an extension of you.  Our Promise to you:

  • No call or concern is too big or too small
  • Service beyond expectation
  • The straight story… because plates shouldn’t be confusing

Please go to our Contact Us page here

Layby Your Plates (10)

Are there any additional fees?
There are no additional fees involved in using our Layby Plans, however, if you cancel a Layby at any time during the Layby Agreement, a $100 cancellation fee will apply.
How long can I Layby my plates for?

We offer 3 different layby plans to make getting a plate even easier.

  1. 7 days – Pay every 7 days for 12 Installments
  2. 14 days – Pay every 14 days for 8 Installments
  3. 28 days - Pay every 28 days for 4 Installments
How many plates can I Layby at a time?

You can only Layby 1 plate per order. However you can have multiple Layby orders under your name.

I just made my last payment, what happens now?

If you’ve chosen to have your plates manufactured when you started your Layby, then your plates will be sent to you automatically. If you chose to get them manufactured later, you’ll need to request to get them manufactured. You can do this by calling the government issued plate manufacturers Licensys NZ on 0800 REMAKE. Make sure your plate order details are correct before you request your plates to be manufactured. Additional fees will apply if your request to manufacture is 90 days after your final payment date.

When can I get my plates manufactured?

Plates on layby can only be manufactured AFTER you’ve made your final layby payment.   

How do I start a Layby?
Once you’ve chosen your combination and design, simply select Layby as your payment option at checkout, choose a Layby Plan and pay the deposit.
How can I pay for my Layby?

We have a few options available:

  • You can pay for your Layby by debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or Account2Account (bank transfer).
  • Please note, payment must be paid via debit/credit card for 7 and 14 Day Layby Plans. Payments will be automatically deducted from your account on the day they’re due.
How do I make payment for a Layby?
If your payments are not being automatically deducted from your account, you will be prompted to make payments by a reminder email before your layby is due. You can make a payment by clicking on the payment reminder link and paying online or by calling KiwiPlates on 0800 650 111.
Can I change my order?
You can only change your order once your final payment has been received (additional costs may incur). If you wish to change your order, call KiwiPlates on 0800 650 111.
Can I change my layby plan once I have started making payments?

Once a Layby Plan has started, you will be unable to change the plan or frequency of installments. Please choose your Layby Plan carefully.