Euro Style

Stylish, sleek and made to sit perfectly within the recess of most European cars. These sophisticated plates play to your sense of European flair while celebrating your own heritage with the Southern Cross and Silver Fern. We stamp class on cars like nobody's business.



Branded Euro Plates are also available. Click here to see the range.

Please note, European plates are bigger with dimensions of 520mm x 112mm, so it’s best to make sure they are going to fit your car before you get them manufactured. European plates do not come with pre drilled holes. This allows for variations in fitment. 

What are my options?

KiwiPlates gives you the freedom of choosing from various plate combination formats. Prices depend on your choice of design and combination format of letters and numbers.

Create a brand new plate

Fixed Formats ($750)
3x1 / 3x2 / 3x3 - Three letters followed by one, two or three numbers
3x1 / 3x2 / 3x3
3x1 / 3x2 / 3x3
3x1 / 3x2 / 3x3
1x3 / 2x3 / 3x3 - One, two or three numbers followed by three letters.
1x3 / 2x3 / 3x3
1x3 / 2x3 / 3x3
1x3 / 2x3 / 3x3
Flexi Formats ($1200)
4 / 5 / 6 - Any combination of four, five, or six alphanumeric characters
4 / 5 / 6
4 / 5 / 6
4 / 5 / 6
Premium 3 Character ($2700)
3 - Any three alphanumeric characters
Premium 2 Character ($4200)
2 - Any two alphanumeric characters.

Vehicle Types

Motor Vehicle

Large Trailer


Plate Sizes


520mm x 112mm


360mm x 100mm

Keep your combination

Government Issued Plates ($299)

Take your generic government issued plate combination and change it to Euro Style for only $299. There's no fuss, no loss of privacy/discretion and the combination becomes yours for life.

Redesign Personalised Plates ($199)

Already own a personalised plate but feel like a change? Turn them into Euro Style today.